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ASC S11 R4 Recap

03 Jan 2022
Autobahn Sportscar Challenge | Season 11 | Round 4
LMP2/GT3 Multiclass Event | Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Billy Smith II takes the win after an intense battle with Carter Kundinger in the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course with David Williams coming in 3rd. Smith started on the pole tonight, but lost the lead to Kundinger early on when both drivers caught the grass coming out of a turn and Kundinger came out on top as the drivers recovered. The two drivers battled hard through the last 15 minutes of the event with Smith able to take the lead back in the last few laps. Ross Booth took the checkered flag in the GT Pro Class ahead of Christopher Paiz and Albert Jones. Kevin O’Keefe took the win for the GT AM Class ahead of Ryan Robertson and Ian Lake.

After four rounds, the points championship is starting to take shape. Daniel Neice still holds the lead in the Prototype Class with 80 points after back to back wins last month. However, this week the luck was not on Neice’s side as he finished toward the back of the field. That allowed Kundinger to close the gap up with 71 points. Smith holds onto 3rd with 68 points. Blue Chew Americas – Black with Dan Neice, Brody Garner, and Ian Lake is still the leading team in the points standings with a total of 81 points. Booth of Satellite Racing Apollo leads in the GT Class with 116 points.

“There’s a lot of respect between Carter [Kundinger] and I and we both ran each other really clean”, Smith told us tonight after the hard 15 minutes of battling Kundinger for the win. Next round, the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge drivers set their sights to Road America and Smith is ready for a track he feels is better suited for the Prototype. “I’m definitely looking forward to getting to one of the bigger tracks where you can lean on this car a little bit more.”


ASC S11 R3 Recap

20 Dec 2021
Autobahn Sportscar Challenge | Season 11 | Round 3
LMP2/GT3 Multiclass Event | Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

Daniel Neice becomes the first two time winner of the season with the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge race at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park ahead of Luc Carbonneau and Carter Kundinger. Neice started the evening with a EOL penalty and managed to maneuver through the field and secure the lead within the first 10 minutes of racing. As he told us after his win at Road Atlanta, he is very comfortable around Mosport and he proved it tonight. Bradlee Haley took the win in the GT Pro Class after a hard fought battle with Paul Gibson and Ryan Caldwell took the win in the GT AM Class after pulling away from the rest of the class by several seconds.

After only three minutes of racing, the Prototype Class reached the rear of the GT3 drivers. With the GT3 drivers still battling each other as the Prototypes worked through the field, many unfortunate incidents ended the night early for many drivers. Cameron Bidwell, who’s race ended prematurely, shared with us, “The GT field can be quite inconsistent as to what side of the track they want when a P2 comes by. Every driver is different. ‚ÄčI’m sure P2s are inconsistent as well.” Drivers seemed to spread out and find their grooves going into the second half.

“Traffic was insane tonight so I tried my hardest to save fuel behind them which really helped me out on the pit stops.” Neice, starting from the rear of the field, made smart moves to advance where he could. “I knew the race was going to be a huge attrition based race so I tried my hardest to make moves early before we caught the GT3s and then once we caught them went for moves I knew were feasible for the situation.” Neice had his sights set on the front from the beginning. “I honestly was aiming for a podium. I don’t think anyone could have expected that fast of a jump to the lead, but I made sure that I held it after that.”


ASC S11 R2 Recap

by Ryan Senneker
06 Dec 2021
Autobahn Sportscar Challenge | Season 11 | Round 2
LMP2/GT3 Multiclass Event | Road Atlanta

Daniel Neice celebrates a hard earned victory at the second round of the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge 1 hour event at Road Atlanta ahead of Carter Kundinger and David Williams. Williams claimed the lead early on and was dominating the field for the first half, but unfortunate technical issues gave him an extended pit stop that sent him back to the mid pack. A hard charge in the second half got him back to a podium position in the end, but it wasn’t enough for him to reclaim the lead from Neice. Jordan Lacey won the GT Pro class and Ian Lake took home the win for the GT AM class.

The constant threat while maneuvering through traffic was always on the minds of the leading drivers as nightfall took away a lot of visibility and made passes more unpredictable. “That was a crazy race.”, Kundinger told us. “The traffic has it’s good moments and it has it’s bad moments. My second place tonight came down to staying out of everything.” With an impressive charge through the field, Williams went from 11th to 3rd in the second half of the Prototype class. “I actually pulled off a top 3, I’m actually very shocked and pleased with that, but also upset. You know, I threw away another what should have been an easy win.”

Lacey had a strong, consistent run tonight in the GT Pro class with a car that could go the distance. “The setup I was using really played to my driving style so I was able to really throw it over the curves as much as I could and it was really quick on the straights too. So it worked out in my favor.” Looking forward, the drivers of the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge set their sights on the Mosport event at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in two weeks. “I love Mosport”, Daniel Neice told us, “I feel like I’m very, very comfortable there.”


ASC S11 R1 Recap

by Ryan Senneker
22 Nov 2021
Autobahn Sportscar Challenge | Season 11 | Round 1
LMP2/GT3 Multiclass Event | Daytona International Speedway

David Shutt with the PG13 Misfits Racing Team made a strong statement as he absolutely dominated the competition and took home the win for the LMP2 Prototype class tonight after controlling the field through the first round of the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge around the Daytona International Speedway ahead of Daniel Neice and Billy Smith II. Paul Gibson led the GT Pro class to the checkered flag and Ryan Robertson took the win in the GT AM class.

The first 30 minutes of the race were intense as the 58 car field took the green flag aggressively trying to gain any possible positions early on. After only 6 laps the LMP2 class drivers were dealing with traffic as they caught the rear of the GT drivers causing problems as misunderstood intentions ended the night early for a few unlucky drivers, including David Williams. The last hour around Daytona was much calmer as drivers found their comfortable grooves and were struggling with their own equipment rather than other drivers on track.

“Especially at the start, it was a chaotic first 45 minutes or so with just people spinning, taking each other out. It was just a race of survival at the end of the day.”, said Ryan Robertson, the GT AM winner. “My goal was just to stay in contact with the leader until it started getting a little crazier in the end”, explained Paul Gibson, winner in the GT Pro class, about getting the lead away from Jordan Lacey in the last few moments of the race. “We all just started dropping off with different interactions with traffic so it was just kind of down to me and [Jordan] Lacey there in the end.”

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