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BRL Stone River Shootout Recap

by Ryan Senneker
25 Sept 2021
Bootleg Racing League
Stone River Shootout | Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway

Mathew Thunhorst claimed the checkered flag for the 6th Annual Stone River Shootout with the Bootleg Racing League becoming the 5th different winner of this special 200 lap race event followed by Justin Morton, and J R Shepherd. Securing the pole with a qualifying time of 19.038, Thunhorst was consistently the quickest driver around the track all night.

Talking about his pit strategy, Thunhorst shared, “Justin (Morton) worked the numbers before the race and we found out what we needed on fuel. So I just decided to bite the bullet up front and it was just generally because the fact that fuel goes in really quick here and tires seem to take an eternity compared to that so I just tried to save the tires for late in the run.”

Kenny Kibbey held more than a 5 second lead over Thunhorst for 64 laps after having the quickest pit stop on lap 64 at 11.7 seconds. Taking his 2nd pit stop early, compared to the rest of the lead lap drivers, Kibbey tried to gain a strategic advantage by pitting on lap 128 and giving up the race lead for the moment. However, a caution on lap 146 sabotaged his chances to regain the lead later in the race and giving the rest of the pack a safe pit opportunity. Kibbey finished 5th overall.


BRL Whiteriver Shootout Recap

by Ryan Senneker
24 Sept 2021
Bootleg Racing League
Whiteriver Shootout | Bristol Motor Speedway

Brandon Proudfoot was the dominate driver through the evening qualifying in the pole position with a 17.057 and leading all 50 laps of the first annual BRL Dirt Shootout in the Big Block Modifieds around Bristol Motor Speedway.

Kenny Kibbey had a rough start getting knocked out of his heat setting him to start in 12th place for the feature. After a hard fought race, Kibbey finished in 6th place behind John Wilson and Robby Robinson. Chris Davis held off the pack as he stayed close to the front through the event finishing in 3rd behind Justin Morton.

Proudfoot, when asked about winning the Bootleg Racing League’s first big block modified event, he explained, “It’s real nice, these cars are more up my wheel house being that I come from the dirt late model pro series. These things are a little bit of a hybrid being they got kind of the rear end of a late model, but the front end of a sprint car. You see under cautions our front end jumping around. Different cars, same people and same community.”


BRL GN S7 R11 Recap

by Ryan Senneker
18 Sept 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 7 | Round 11
Grand National Series | New Smyrna Speedway

With a close points race through the season, J R Shepherd went into New Smyrna feeling the pressure from Justin Morton who was trailing by only 5 points. Shepherd and Morton, starting in 7th and 6th respectively, wasted no time getting to the front and breaking away from the rest of the field to battle it out over the 100 lap event. The two championship competitors stayed within .3 of each other almost the entire way to the checkered flag, but Morton couldn’t manage to get around Shepherd in the end.

Austin Boelke had a rough first half, getting caught up in two separate incidents early in the race, but was still able to fight his way back up to 5th place in the end and 3rd in overall season points. Kenny Kibbey made his return to the BRL Grand National Series with a dominant 3rd place finish, hungry for another championship this winter.

With his 5th win of the season and 50th career win overall, J R Shepherd became the season 7 champion while still staying humble giving a shout out to Morton’s skill on the track, “The biggest thing was just trying to have fun tonight and that one restart had me on the edge of my seat. Justin ran me extremely hard, but extremely clean. It’s hard to run someone that hard and, you know, not have contact and stuff going on so hats off to him.”


BRL DSS S8 R11 Recap

by Ryan Senneker
17 Sept 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 8 | Round 11
Dirt Street Stock Series | Volusia Speedway

Chris Davis came into Volusia strong with the quickest lap time in qualifying at 19.648 beating out Billy Northcutt by .03. Being able to hold off Bobby Rafferty through his heat, Davis locked in the pole position for the feature race giving him a strong advantage over his competitors.

Brandon Proudfoot, after a rough start qualifying 8th, finishing 3rd in his heat, and 2nd in the B Main consolation race, led the last 6 laps of the feature beating Billy Northcutt to the checkered flag for the final race of the season. That win secured his season championship over J R Shepherd and Billy Northcutt by a margin of 65 points as the 11-race season comes to an exciting close.

During the post race, Brandon said in regards to his future plans with the Bootleg Racing League, “As far as running here, whether I get a championship or not, this league is really… it doesn’t matter what I’m going to run, I’m always going to come back here. It’s just such a great group of guys. It’s not even really about the championship. Yeah three in a row is great, but I wouldn’t go to any other league.”


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