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ASC S11 R4 Recap

03 Jan 2022
Autobahn Sportscar Challenge | Season 11 | Round 4
LMP2/GT3 Multiclass Event | Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Billy Smith II takes the win after an intense battle with Carter Kundinger in the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course with David Williams coming in 3rd. Smith started on the pole tonight, but lost the lead to Kundinger early on when both drivers caught the grass coming out of a turn and Kundinger came out on top as the drivers recovered. The two drivers battled hard through the last 15 minutes of the event with Smith able to take the lead back in the last few laps. Ross Booth took the checkered flag in the GT Pro Class ahead of Christopher Paiz and Albert Jones. Kevin O’Keefe took the win for the GT AM Class ahead of Ryan Robertson and Ian Lake.

After four rounds, the points championship is starting to take shape. Daniel Neice still holds the lead in the Prototype Class with 80 points after back to back wins last month. However, this week the luck was not on Neice’s side as he finished toward the back of the field. That allowed Kundinger to close the gap up with 71 points. Smith holds onto 3rd with 68 points. Blue Chew Americas – Black with Dan Neice, Brody Garner, and Ian Lake is still the leading team in the points standings with a total of 81 points. Booth of Satellite Racing Apollo leads in the GT Class with 116 points.

“There’s a lot of respect between Carter [Kundinger] and I and we both ran each other really clean”, Smith told us tonight after the hard 15 minutes of battling Kundinger for the win. Next round, the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge drivers set their sights to Road America and Smith is ready for a track he feels is better suited for the Prototype. “I’m definitely looking forward to getting to one of the bigger tracks where you can lean on this car a little bit more.”


PLMDS – Icebreaker 100 Recap

29 Dec 2021
Pro Late Model Dirt Series | Icebreaker 100
2nd Annual Event | Cedar Lake Speedway

Ryan Underwood with Underwood Racing took the win at the Pro Late Model Dirt Series 2nd Annual running of the COOLRAY Icebreaker 100 around Cedar Lake Speedway ahead of Dylan Perry and Camden Johnston. Underwood took the lead away from Perry on lap 62 after a long battle between the two drivers and was able to get around the outside when Perry touched the tires along the inside of turn one after an intense battle with Underwood.

The event was plagued with cautions keeping the field stacked close together and testing the patience of the drivers as chaotic restarts kept everyone on their toes. Perry, who finished 2nd, told us, “The track’s wide, but you’re all kind of racing tight like it’s narrow. So if you can get into the corner like you want to it definitely helps especially for those first couple of laps. Then everyone fall into a rhythm, so if you can get those starts like you want them it helps out tremendously.”

Ryan Underwood took home the win after playing it safe for the first half and taking advantage when the opportunity presented itself. “I knew if I could get a good restart and be able to clear [Perry] going down the front straightaway I could approach the corner way better and I knew I’d be able to hit my line. So just them restarts were a big key to winning this race.”


C2CRL Hometown Heroes W2 Recap

22 Dec 2021
Coast2Coast Racing League | Week 2
Hometown Heroes Series | Volusia Speedway Park

Blake Chapman with Vanderpool Racing took the win at the A&J Custom Creations 305 Sprint Series with the Coast 2 Coast Racing League Hometown Heroes Series 20 lap feature event around Volusia Speedway Park beating out Randy Shreves and Donovan Ross. Lane Snook and Brad Vickrey both ended their evenings early after unfortunate incidents. Chapman, winning in this series two weeks in a row, told us “I think I found a pretty fast line here. It worked for me last week, it worked for me in the matinee today and I stuck to it all night tonight and it seemed to work out just fine for me.”

Lane Snook with BandyBuilt took the checkered flag in the Racing iCON Sim Sports 360 Sprints Series 25 lap event ahead of Randy Shreves and Blake Chapman. Snook seemed struggle early on qualifying in 19th and yet was able to get the win for the second week in a row for this series. “Tacky tracks are not my racing style at all and I’m a lot better on a slick race track.”, Snook told us as to how he was able to take the lead from Chapman with only three laps remaining and pull away from the field.

Nick Vickrey took home the win for the final event of the night in the Pro Late Model Series 30 lap event ahead of Carson Nichelson and Kurt Shatzer after an intense battle for the lead. A surprise upset on lap 13 involving Field Miller, Andy Piercefield, and Patrick Spangler, who were running 2nd,3rd, and 5th respectively, taking all three drivers out of contention for the lead and giving Vickrey, who was in 4th, the opportunity that he needed to battle Nichelson directly for the win.


ASC S11 R3 Recap

20 Dec 2021
Autobahn Sportscar Challenge | Season 11 | Round 3
LMP2/GT3 Multiclass Event | Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

Daniel Neice becomes the first two time winner of the season with the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge race at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park ahead of Luc Carbonneau and Carter Kundinger. Neice started the evening with a EOL penalty and managed to maneuver through the field and secure the lead within the first 10 minutes of racing. As he told us after his win at Road Atlanta, he is very comfortable around Mosport and he proved it tonight. Bradlee Haley took the win in the GT Pro Class after a hard fought battle with Paul Gibson and Ryan Caldwell took the win in the GT AM Class after pulling away from the rest of the class by several seconds.

After only three minutes of racing, the Prototype Class reached the rear of the GT3 drivers. With the GT3 drivers still battling each other as the Prototypes worked through the field, many unfortunate incidents ended the night early for many drivers. Cameron Bidwell, who’s race ended prematurely, shared with us, “The GT field can be quite inconsistent as to what side of the track they want when a P2 comes by. Every driver is different. ​I’m sure P2s are inconsistent as well.” Drivers seemed to spread out and find their grooves going into the second half.

“Traffic was insane tonight so I tried my hardest to save fuel behind them which really helped me out on the pit stops.” Neice, starting from the rear of the field, made smart moves to advance where he could. “I knew the race was going to be a huge attrition based race so I tried my hardest to make moves early before we caught the GT3s and then once we caught them went for moves I knew were feasible for the situation.” Neice had his sights set on the front from the beginning. “I honestly was aiming for a podium. I don’t think anyone could have expected that fast of a jump to the lead, but I made sure that I held it after that.”


BRL GN S8 R11 Recap

18 Dec 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 8 | Round 11
Grand National Series | New Smyrna Speedway

J R Shepherd took his Different Path Motorsports Ford to victory lane beating out Justin Morton and James Lowe tonight at the Bootleg Racing League Grand National Series season finale at New Smyrna Speedway. Shepherd wasted no time getting to the front and controlling the field throughout the race after starting in 6th place. Morton and Lowe stayed close, but couldn’t manage to challenge for the lead as Shepherd maintained a sizable gap ahead of the rest of the field.

With the completion of this 100 lap event, Shepherd officially became the season champion over Mathew Thunhorst who wasn’t able to attend. Thunhorst’s absence tonight also allowed Justin Morton to take away 2nd place in the point standings, knocking Thunhorst back to 3rd. Kenny Kibbey and Austin Boelke finished 4th and 5th respectively in the points as the 8th season of the BRL Grand National Series concludes to close out racing in 2021.

Shepherd spoke with us after claiming his win, “Just wish that [Thunhorst] had been here tonight so [I] would’ve been able to race him because you never know what could happen. It could’ve went really bad tonight. There’s a lot of guys here and a really competitive field. So, it’s nice to get this, but just wish it’d been a little different circumstances.”


BRL DSS S9 R11 Recap

by Ryan Senneker
17 Dec 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 9 | Round 11
Dirt Street Stock Series | Volusia Speedway Park

Brandyn Proudfoot of Jim Beaver eSports walked away tonight with the checkered flag and the season championship from the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock season finale at Volusia Speedway Park finishing ahead of Jim Reavis and J R Shepherd. Proudfoot struggled early in the evening to find his groove qualifying 5th and losing to Reavis in his heat race. Starting in 5th for the feature event, Proudfoot didn’t secure the lead position until halfway through the race and was never able to pull away from the field as he has been known to do once out front.

Going into the evenings event, Billy Northcutt was holding onto the lead in the point standings ahead of Proudfoot by 3 points. The two drivers stayed near each other on track keeping the pressure high as whichever driver finish ahead of the other would have become the season champion. Unfortunately, in a surprise upset, Northcutt was involved in an incident with only 5 laps remaining that ended his night after a long, hard fought season against Proudfoot. A disappointing end to an epic championship battle between these two drivers.

“Jim [Reavis] was right on me, as soon as I got out front and he seen what line I was running”, Brandyn Proudfoot told us about fighting for the lead. “I tried going everywhere in [turns] three and four. I tried the bottom. I tried the top, that just about killed me. It’s like I said in the beginning about saving those tires, I used them about seven laps early and I was able to use them to get in front of him, but by no means was I getting away.”


C2CRL Hometown Heroes Recap

by Ryan Senneker
15 Dec 2021
Coast 2 Coast Racing League | Week 1
Hometown Heroes Series | Volusia Speedway Park

Blake Chapman of Vanderpool Racing took the checkered flag at the A&J Custom Creations 305 Sprint Series from the Coast 2 Coast Racing League Hometown Heroes Series 20 lap feature event around Volusia Speedway Park ahead of Nick Vickrey and Donovan Ross. Vickrey controlled the field for the first half of the race until Chapman overtook him with a well timed slider. “I didn’t think these things had enough horsepower to go all the way around up there by the wall. That’s why I went to the slider line and once I was catching [Vickrey] I knew that I had to just throw it in there and hope I cleared him.”

Lane Snook of BandyBuilt Racing took a very emotional victory over Jeff Flaro and Blake Chapman in the Icon Sim Sports 360 Sprint Series 40 lap event for the “David Mason Snook Memorial Race”. The race began with several laps in a four wide “Missing Man” formation in honor of David Snook, Lane Snook’s brother, who passed last September. With the faster line tonight along the top being more hazardous than most drivers were willing to risk, Snook drove that line to perfection and took the lead with only four laps to go leaving it all out on the track.

Stephen Spies took home the win in the 30 lap feature event of the Pro Late Model Series ahead of Brandon Templeton and Nick Vickrey with an exciting one lap shootout after a late race caution stacked the field back up on the final lap. Spies ran the inside line through the entire race perfectly being able to pull away from Templeton lap after lap. “I was going to stay down there until somebody proved they could get try to go around me. I don’t normally like running those tracks on the wall so this was well suited for me.”


BRL GN S8 R10 Recap

by Ryan Senneker
11 Dec 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 8 | Round 10
Grand National Series | The Bullring at Las Vegas

Austin Boelke of Different Path Motorsports took the checkered flag tonight ahead of Mathew Thunhorst and J R Shepherd at the Bootleg Racing League Grand National Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas. At a track that is notoriously easy to make mistakes around, Boelke drove to perfection not presenting Thunhorst and Shepherd with the opportunity they were looking for to take away the inside line. A late race caution re-stacked the field with Shepherd in 2nd and Thunhorst to the inside, behind Boelke, in 3rd and that was exactly what Thunhorst needed to get around Shepherd.

Austin Boelke celebrated his second win of the season, but unfortunately is not in the running for the championship as he is currently in 5th place in the point standings. Shepherd still holds the top spot over Thunhorst by 6 points. In a surprise upset, Thunhorst told us that he will not be competing in the final round and will be spending time with family through the upcoming holidays which makes Shepherd the unofficial season champion. Justin Morton is 3rd in the standings, but trails behind the lead by 22 points. Shepherd shared with us that he is disappointed that they won’t have a chance for a final battle together.

“There was a lot of pressure from behind from Justin [Morton] especially at the start.”, Austin Boelke tells us. “Huge pressure from behind and honestly it just feels really gratifying to hold [Shepherd] off again… two or three weeks ago he passed me at Lanier.” Next week, the Bootleg Racing League heads to New Smyrna Speedway for the final round of the season. “It’s not one of my best tracks. I like the track. It’s fun to drive, but usually whenever I go there I just have the worst luck because I can’t gain any spots, I can’t really lose any spots, and if there’s any luck to be had it’s usually bad luck.”


BRL DSS S9 R10 Recap

by Ryan Senneker
10 Dec 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 9 | Round 10
Dirt Street Stock Series | Limaland Motorsports Park

Brandyn Proudfoot of Jim Beaver eSports dominated the field at the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock Series event at Limaland Motorsports Park ahead of Eli Shaffer and Jim Reavis taking home the checkered flag for the seventh time this season. A string of cautions kept the 18 drivers battling close to each other throughout the 40 laps at this tight track, but Proudfoot had the speed where it counted after each restart and lead every lap to victory lane.

Although this win closed the gap in the point standings, it wasn’t enough to secure Proudfoot the lead. Billy Northcutt still holds the top spot by only 3 points going into the last race of the season. With a points race this close, the championship will come down to which ever driver finishes ahead of the other regardless of whether or not either of them is the race winner next weekend.

Proudfoot and Northcutt now set their sights to Volusia Speedway Park for their final battle of the season. “It depends on how it breaks down”, Proudfoot explains to us about his chances of taking the championship. “[I] definitely think it’s going to be interesting. I know, at least from a track experience stand point, whenever it gets super slick like this I think [Northcutt] and [Hargreaves] will have an edge on me… they have a track break down fresh in their minds.”

The only thing certain at this point is that Volusia is going to be one exciting race.


PLMDS – Fall Nationals Finale Recap

by Ryan Senneker
08 Dec 2021
Pro Late Model Dirt Series | Series Finale
Fall Nationals | Lanier National Speedway

Ryan Underwood with Team VLR has won the Pro Late Model Dirt Series Fall Nationals Grinch 30 Series Finale at Lanier National Speedway and took the Carrier Fall Nationals Championship after an intense battle with Ethan Toedter. With such tight and aggressive racing all throughout the 16 car field, all of the drivers presented an impressive showcase of the talent this league can bring to the track to close out the series with Ryan Underwood coming out on top.

With only a five point split between Underwood and Toedter, the battle between these two championship competitors began in the first heat race. Toedter took that win with Underwood riding his rear fender across the finish line. Getting into the feature Toedter held the lead through the first 18 laps with Underwood trying different lines looking for any opportunity to challenge Toedter. The second caution of the night gave Underwood that chance as he anticipated Toedter’s jump and utilized the top line to stay along side Toedter and, on the 19th lap, took the lead for the remainder of the event.

“I knew [Toedter] was going to be hard to get around with how short the race was. I needed him to make a mistake and I was waiting for that top line to come in [around] one and two and it finally came in just enough to get side by side with him and all I had to do was kind of block him from being able to slide up to the moisture.”, Underwood told us as he was celebrating his win. “He beat me in the heat and he had the better start spot and I knew it was just going to be a race between me and him, whoever could win it or finish ahead of the other person.”