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BRL SLM S17 R10 Recap

04 June 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 17 | Round 10
Super Late Model Series | Langley Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Justin Morton with Total Downforce Racing took his 3rd win of the season tonight with the Bootleg Racing League Super Late Model Series at Langley Speedway ahead of Donny Moore and Austin Boelke. “After that start was a bit messier than I wanted this race to go but, [I] struggled here and it feels pretty good to come away with the win”, Morton commented after claiming the checkered flag, “I was trying to make sure I was clipping that apron every time on exit just so it would help rotate the car so that might have just been where I was picking up those tenths over the laps.”

Joseph Snyder started the night off on the pole with Jeffrey Hardin to his outside as the green falg was thrown out over the field and racing commenced. Kenny Kibbey, the points leader at the beginning of the night, was starting in 4th place directly ahead of Justin Morton who was the only driver in the field close enough in the points to directly compete for the season championship. Snyder cleared ahead of Hardin as Kibbey found himself stranded on the outside line and dropped back to 6th behind Austin Boelke before finding a gap to drop into.

Michael Goodman was running in 3rd place and held the inside line not giving an opportunity to Morton behind him to take away the inside line. Snyder continued to lead and was pulling away with Hardin as the gap between 2nd and 3rd grew to over 1 second with 20 laps completed. Kibbey was the first to find his way beneath Goodman and that opened the door for Boelke and Morton to follow him around pushing Goodman back to 6th ahead of Donny Moore. An incident on restacked the field and took away any advantage Snyder and Hardin had over the rest of the drivers as the green flag again came out going into lap 29.

Kibbey restarted from 3rd place behind Snyder on the inside line giving him a strong advantage over Hardin going into turn one. Hardin fell back quickly on the start causing a big checkup behind him and spinning him to the inside of the track bringing out a second caution immediately putting Kibbey on the outside with Morton running directly behind the lead from 3rd place for the restart. Going into lap 34 racing again resumed. Kibbey tried to beat Snyder into the corner but wasn’t able to make it work forcing Kibbey to fall far back in the running order before sliding into line in 5th behind Boelke.

Morton was able to take away the inside line forcing Snyder high on lap 45 taking the lead which sent Snyder falling back to 6th behind Bryan Dehn. Moore moved up to 2nd followed by Boelke and Kibbey as the drivers passed the halfway point in the night. The field single filed out with the top 9 drivers ending with Kurt Smith started to separate themselves from the rest of the field. Moore, up 11 positions from where he started, was continuing to pressure Morton for the lead as Boelke and Kibbey struggled to close the gap to the leaders.

With 30 laps remaining, Morton started to pull away from Moore and was able to extend the lead to over 1 second as the laps counted down. Boelke had caught the rear bumper of Moore with Kibbey waiting for him to create a path for them to get around Moore. One by one drivers started falling out of the pack with Moore, Boelke, and Kibbey left alone to battle over 2nd place. Morton had further stretched his lead to almost 2 seconds with 15 laps remaining and was reaching the rear of the field.

Going into the final 10 laps, Kibbey started to fall off the pace and wasn’t able to stay with Boelke as the leaders negotiated through lap traffic. Morton was maintaining a dominate pace pulling away while Moore and Boelke still fought over 2nd place. Around the final lap, Boelke wasn’t able to get the speed on corner exit to line up a pass attempt before the checkered flag came out and Morton took his 3rd win of the season with Kibbey and Dehn rounding out the top 5 finishers of the night at Langley Speedway.

Kenny Kibbey holds onto the lead in the point standings with 382 points, but Justin Morton closed the gap with his win tonight now 9 points behind the leader and is the only driver close enough to Kibbey to compete for the championship going into the final round. Austin Boelke still sits in 3rd place with 347 points ahead of Mathew Thunhorst and Michael Goodman. The Bootleg Racing League now heads over to Myrtle Beach Speedway for the season finale on June 11th with all of the action broadcast live at 8:55PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!


World 600 Recap

03 June 2022
Special Event | World 600
NASCAR Xfinity | Charlotte Motor Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Michael Strohl out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania driving with Domination Intimidation Racing took the checkered flag after an action packed 600 miles around Charlotte Motor Speedway ahead of DJ Stagner with Swamp Motorsports and Seth Noell with Nexxus eSports. “Once I knew [Bressi] was out of the race it was mine to lose, and I wasn’t sure if I could catch [Noell]. I thought he might save enough [fuel].”, Strohl shared with us after his dominating performance tonight, “Just a great, great race.”

Seth Noell with Nexxus eSports started the night off on the pole with Michael Dewell to his outside as the 39-car field took the green flag and racing began. The mostly single filed out behind Noell as the drivers settled in for the long endurance event. The first hour of the evening was more or less calm with only a few minor incidents as most drivers were content for the moment to simply run in the pack while the laps counted down. Michael Strohl was leading the field ahead of Thomas Bressi and Jacob Fyfe. Seth Noell and Michael Dewell dropped back to 4th and 5th respectively but were still running up close to the leaders with roughly 60 laps behind them.

Dewell maneuvered his way back up to the leader and he and Strohl traded positions back and forth across several laps for the lead. Nicholas Starling moved up into the front of the pack in 4th place with Bressi challenging Strohl for the lead as Dewell dropped back to 5th ahead of Noell. Jaxson Hartman started in 15th place and was up to 3rd trying to reel in the leaders. Bressi got to the inside of Strohl and cleared into the lead after around 90 minutes of racing and seemed to hold a strong pace over Strohl stretching out the gap between them. Bressi extended the gap ahead of the rest of the field to over 1 second shortly after crossing the 100-lap mark.

Just shy of 2 hours of racing, many drivers were starting to cycle through the pits under green flag conditions. Bressi stayed out longer trying to get as far ahead as possible before making his stop. Strohl was one of the first of the lead pack to taking his stop pulling off the racing line on lap 123. Bressi took his stop one lap later with Noell and several others. As the field started to divide between drivers with fresh tires and drivers with worn tires the large difference in lap times led to several near misses as drivers coming out of the pits were aggressively weaving through the field to regain as many positions as they could.

As the field sorted itself back out going into lap 133, Starling held the lead briefly until Bressi overtook a few laps later. The majority of the main field had splintered into several 3 to 5 car packs with the drivers again settling in to put some laps behind them. Cody Smith was up 15 positions from where he started hours before as he ran in 4th. Bressi held the lead running consistent faster laps than the vast majority of the field. Daniel Shirley and Larry Patrick came together going down the front stretch on lap 169 ending the over 100-lap green flag run forcing drivers to pit earlier than they may have wanted to since most had pitted under the green flag only 30 laps prior.

Bressi and Strohl were on the front row as the green flag came back out and the drivers resumed racing 27 laps shy of the halfway point. Strohl took the lead from Bressi quickly off the launch. DJ Stagner and Hayden Pastorius were running in 3rd and 4th ahead of David Grantham as Noell and Dewell, who started the race on the front row, stayed in the lead pack running in 6th and 7th. Bressi had control of the field after taking the lead back from Strohl as the drivers crossed into the second half of the night. Stagner was consistently reeling in the leaders lap after lap showing patience as Bressi and Strohl battled each other.

Bressi had started to break away from Strohl as Stagner caught Strohl’s rear bumper going into lap 230. Stagner patiently followed Strohl without making any aggressive attempts on an overtake waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of. Bressi had extended his gap further out to over 1 second over Strohl while Strohl and Stagner seemed to be falling off lead pace. With 150 laps remaining in the race and the sun slowly setting in the distance, mental and physical fatigue was becoming a legitimate concern for many of the drivers going forward as track conditions continued to evolve with the temperatures and sight distance both dropping rapidly.

Around lap 250, several drivers chose to pit for fuel and tires under green flag conditions to include Bressi, Strohl, and Stagner all coming in on lap 254. Stagner was able to overtake Strohl on pit entry by braking later and held the position ahead of Strohl as they rejoined the track moments later, but Strohl was able to take the position back soon thereafter with the three drivers back into the podium positions. Adam Wood was running in 5th place behind Pastorius and up 30 positions from where he started. Stagner started to drop off as the battle for the lead seemed to be between only Bressi and Strohl with 120 laps remaining.

Bressi held the lead with a strong lead going into the final 100 laps of the race. Drivers had started going through another pit cycle including Strohl. Bressi went down pit road 2 laps later and came back out on track behind Strohl. Bressi managed to get back onto the lead lap but made contact with a lap car that lost control ahead of him causing front end damage and bringing out the caution flag. Strohl the lead as the field stacked back together with Noell to his outside and Bressi running in 3rd. Strohl had a good launch of the start, but Noell stayed with him as the field spread back out with 85 laps remaining.

Noell was able to overtake for the lead with fresher tires than Strohl with Bressi doing the same pushing Strohl back to 3rd. The top three pulled away from the rest of the pack while Bressi went beneath Noell trying to take the lead away. He cleared Noell on lap 321 but wasn’t able to run away as easily as he had previously after gaining damage from the earlier contact to his front end. Strohl continued to fall back as Stagner and Grantham both passed him rather easily and Strohl struggled to stay with the lead pack as the top 4 pulled away. With 70 laps remaining, Stagner had caught the rear of Bressi and was pressuring for the lead with an aggressive dive to the inside line.

Contact between Bressi and Stagner resulted with Bressi spinning hard into the outside wall and collecting several cars behind them. The last thing Bressi wanted but the exact situation Strohl needed to get back into the race with fresh tires. Noell took control of the field as the green flag came back out over the field and racing again resumed. Grantham stayed tight on Noell’s rear bumper with Strohl following close behind running single file. Grantham cleared for the lead running along the outside with Strohl following him around knocking Noell back to 3rd and under pressure from Adam Wood. Strohl overtook Grantham for the lead with 56 laps remaining and trying to separate himself from Grantham.

Stagner, Wood, and Fyfe had an intense three-way battle for 3rd place building as the end of the race was coming within reach with Stagner holding a strong pace. Going into the final 50 laps, Strohl hadn’t been able to get away from Grantham who was staying very tight behind him. The top 9 drivers will still on the lead lap with Kendall Kerr running in the last lead lap position. Stagner had caught the rear of Grantham as Strohl was able to break away slightly. The lead lap drivers were all pushing trying to make up as much time as possible with a minimum of one more fuel stop sitting between them and the checkered flag. Stagner was the first to go pulling down pit road on lap 364.

With 30 laps remaining, most of the drivers had completed their final pit stop with the exception of Noell and Brandon Bernhardt. Stagner was running in 3rd with Strohl in 4th 2 seconds behind him on track. Strohl went to work closing the gap to Stagner running consistently faster laps. Stagner caught Bernhardt and made the pass for 2nd place easily with Strohl closing on him quickly. Stagner was forced to block defensively against Strohl as the two drivers started battling hard with 20 laps remaining. Strohl got to the inside and the drivers raced side by side with neither driver getting the advantage over the other. After several laps battling from the outside line, Stagner had to concede giving 2nd place to Strohl. Noell was still controlling the race, but his fuel was a serious concern with 15 laps to go.

Strohl pulled away from Stagner by over 1 second as he aggressively closed the gap to Noell lap after lap. Noell was far off the pace and Strohl was gaining at a rate that would lead to Strohl taking the win away from Noell regardless of fuel saving. Fyfe was making a hard charge through the top 10 climbing up to 5th place ahead of Wood with only a few laps left to get any positions he could before the end. Pastorius was running in 4th and defending against Fyfe hard. Strohl had closed the gap to Noell and moved to clear around the outside and never lost pace as Stagner caught the rear of Noell.

Stagner took 2nd place while Noell did everything he could to save fuel as the white flag came out. Strohl was running 2 seconds ahead of Stagner as he crossed the line for the win. Stagner finished 2nd and Noell crossed the line in 3rd after some very impressive fuel saving. Pastorius, Fyfe, Wood, Grantham, and Bernhardt round out the top 8 finishers and every driver on the lead lap in the end. “What an event”, Strohl commented after claiming the checkered flag, “This is an idea [I’ve] had for quite some time and I’m just glad it went off without a hitch.”


BRL DSS S11 R10 Recap

03 June 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 11 | Round 10
Dirt Street Stock Series | Limaland Motorsports Park
Photograph by: Billy Northcutt
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

William Hargreaves with the Dirt Panda Racing Team took his third win of the season tonight in the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock Series at Limaland Motorsports Park ahead of Stephen Spies and Chris Hill. “It worked out in my favor tonight for sure. I’m not really sure what happened there early on with [Proudfoot] and [Northcutt] but it kind of allowed me to get away and just do my own thing”, Hargreaves shared with us after the race, “I was pretty fortunate because I was struggling bad through [turns] three and four.”

William Hargreaves set a quick lap of 15.108 taking the pole 0.037 ahead of Brandyn Proudfoot in qualifying. John Wilson started to his outside as the first heat event took the green flag. Hargreaves had a good jump off the start and cleared ahead of Wilson quickly. Wilson was able to close the door on Chris Hill in 3rd as Hargreaves slowly pulled away from the field. Hargreaves took the checkered flag 0.7 ahead of Wilson crossing the line. Brandyn Proudfoot took to the track for the second heat with Billy Northcutt lined up to his inside.

Proudfoot quickly cleared ahead of Northcutt and started slowing building a gap as the green flag came out over the field. Proudfoot and Northcutt had pulled away from the field by over 1 second as they crossed the line with Proudfoot taking the win. Chris Hill led the consolation race to the green with Bobby Hayes to his outside. Hill had a very good launch off the start jumping out almost 1 second ahead of the field as Jeffrey Hardin and Stephen Spies both got around Hayes knocking Hayes back to 4th.

Hardin and Spies were starting the reel Hill back in as they crossed the halfway point while battling each other over 2nd place. Spies and Hardin ran side by side going into the final lap with Spies taking 2nd place ahead of Hardin by a bumper. Hill took the checkered flag mostly unchallenged ahead of the field. As the drivers started to line up for the feature event Hargreaves and Proudfoot, who were tied for the points lead going into the evening, found themselves sharing the front row as the green flag came out over the field.

Hargreaves opted to start from the outside and was able to clear ahead of Proudfoot. Northcutt took the opportunity and moved up into 2nd with Spies pressuring Proudfoot for 3rd. A few laps into the race, Hargreaves was able to stretch out a gap between himself and Northcutt while Proudfoot struggled to get around. Proudfoot made a dive to get beneath Northcutt but contact between the two drivers resulted with both drivers falling back through the running order before recovering.

Spies and Hill moved up into 2nd and 3rd after the incident but couldn’t find the pace to reel Hargreaves back in who was running over 1.5 seconds ahead of the field. Passing the halfway point of the 40-lap event, Spies had pulled away from Hill but was still unable to make any headway on closing the gap to Hargreaves running over 2 seconds ahead. Proudfoot had climbed back up through the pack to 7th place going into the last 10 laps with Northcutt running in 9th behind J R Shepherd.

In the final laps, Proudfoot continued to run the high line moving up to 6th behind Hayes and Wilson battling over 4th. Hargreaves was further extending his lead crossing the line over 3.6 seconds ahead of Spies as the checkered flag came out. Proudfoot took 5th place in the end with Northcutt finishing in 7th. Spies, Hill, and Hayes rounded out the top 5 finishers to include Proudfoot.

William Hargreaves broke the tie for the lead with tonight’s win now leading in the points standings with 791 points and 13 points ahead of Brandyn Proudfoot going into the final round of the season. Billy Northcutt holds onto 3rd place with 735 points and Bobby Hayes and Stephen Spies round out the top 5 drivers so far this season. The Bootleg Racing League now heads over to Knoxville Raceway for the exciting season finale on June 10th with all of the dirt slinging action broadcast live at 7:10PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!


PGRL S2 R2 Recap

31 May 2022
Pretty Good Racing League | Season 2 | Round 2
Premier Series | Charlotte Motor Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Jeff Ward with Graffix LC Motorsports took the checkered flag and his first win of the season tonight with the Pretty Good Racing League in the “Chad Cole, He’s My Guy 300” at Charlotte Motor Speedway ahead of Danny Gutierrez and Shane Parish. “Once it got nighttime there and started cooling down on the track it just started gripping up for me and [I] found some speed.”, Ward shared with us after taking his win, “We made it through it, and we got the win, and we can move onto something that’s kind of foreign next week which is Gateway.”

Django Matthews led the 28-car field to the green flag to start of the evening’s excitement. Mark Hertzog fought back from the outside taking away the lead with Greg O’Berry challenging for the lead immediately after. O’Berry cleared for the lead as the field was aggressively shuffling positions early on before settling in for the long run ahead. Cody Erdmann took the lead away 10 laps in and quickly built up a decent gap ahead of O’Berry. Shane Parish was showing a strong pace running in the top 10 and making an aggressive charge to the front of the field as Jeff Ward was also pushing through the field quickly up 15 positions from the start of the race.

Erdmann was forced to drive defensively to hold back Rick Thompson and that gave Parish and Ward the opportunity to challenge for the lead themselves. Parish cleared fairly easily for the lead with Ward taking 2nd place. The first few drivers chose to begin their pit cycles around lap 50 under green conditions to include Parish, Ward, and Brian Yaczik. By lap 55, practically the entire field had made their stops and rejoined the race. Parish held the lead as the field shuffled back out with Thomas George running in 2nd place ahead of Ward and James Krahula. Ward was able to catch George while George was still getting back up to speed after exiting the pits and overtook him for 2nd place on lap 60 and was running 1.6 seconds behind Parish.

With 70 laps completed, Ward was able to significantly close the gap to Perish as Perish negotiated through lap traffic. Parish continued to run a very fast line and again started to pull away momentarily when Ward was caught behind the traffic himself. Danny Gutierrez worked his way up to 3rd place passing George and Rick Thompson running around 4.5 seconds behind the leaders. George and Thompson continued to battle each other of 4th place as the laps counted down.

A caution was thrown out as the drivers were approaching the halfway point giving the field an opportune time to cycle through the pit again. Parish maintained the lead as the field again took the green flag and racing resumed. Parish was forced to check up when his car went loose suddenly dropping back to 5th giving Ward the lead ahead of Drew Carroll. Another quick caution and a preventative pit cycle put George in the lead ahead of Ward with Parish running in 7th as the green flag again came out over the field.

Ward followed very close behind George pressuring for the lead and able to clear for the position going into lap 115. Parish was aggressively pushing back up through the field fighting to get back to the front. Carroll and Gutierrez were able to catch the bumper of George, and each overtook pushing George back to 4th with 80 laps remaining. Parish was up to 5th and moved to follow Gutierrez past George who seemed to be falling off the pace. Parish was able to get around Gutierrez a few laps later for 3rd place as Ward further stretched the gap between himself and Carroll.

Michael Chrobok had been quietly moving up through the field throughout the race and was up to 9th running over 8 seconds behind the leaders with 70 laps remaining. Parish was pressuring Carroll for 2nd place but didn’t have an opening to take advantage of at the time. Parish tried to get beneath Carroll, but contact was made causing both drivers to lose momentum allowing Ward to pull over 2 seconds ahead of them. Parish was able to hold off Gutierrez for 3rd, but Gutierrez and George were able to get up close behind him going forward after his costly mistake.

Parish immediately went back after 2nd place diving down low and clearing Carroll on lap 146. The field started pulling off for their final pit cycle again under green conditions with less than 50 laps remaining. The caution came out as many drivers, including Ward, were still on pit road. Ward was able to maintain the lead, but Parish and George were shuffled back to 6th and 8th respectively as the drivers were restacked to take the green. Racing resumed with 40 laps remaining. Ward cleared ahead of Gutierrez, but Gutierrez was able to stay close to Ward’s bumper going into the final stretch of the race.

With 20 laps remaining, Parish battled hard with Brian Yaczik over 3rd place. Parish was able to take away the position after several intense laps, but the time spent in that fight put Parish almost 4 seconds behind the leader. Ward continued to extent the gap ahead of Gutierrez to over 2 seconds going into the final 10 laps. Ward pulled away unchallenged and took the checkered flag 4 seconds ahead of Gutierrez with Parish, Yaczik, and Erdmann rounding out the top 5 finishers.

Jeff Ward took the lead in the points standings away from Mike Rasimas with 91 points. Danny Gutierrez moved up to 2nd place 13 points behind the lead and 1 point ahead of Shane Parish in 3rd place. Brian Yaczik and Thomas George round out the top 5 drivers in the points thus far in the season. The drivers with the Pretty Good Racing League now head over to Illinois for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Fundraiser 200 at the World Wide Technology Raceway for the third round of the season on June 7th with all of the action broadcast live at 8:50PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!


Special Event – World 600 – June 3


ASC S11 R14 Recap

23 May 2022
Autobahn Sportscar Challenge | Season 11 | Round 14
LMP2/GT3 Multiclass Event | Spa

Daniel Neice took the final checkered flag of the season tonight with the Autobahn Sportscar Challenge at Circuit de Spa ahead of Billy Smith and Robert Tinsey in the Prototype Class. David Williams beat Young Park and Christopher Paiz to the line in the GT Pro Class and Robert Kast finished ahead of Sheldon Rosenbaum and Dale Green in the GT AM Class. Smith won the Prototype season championship with Ross Booth and Ryan Robertson winning the GT Pro and GT AM Class season championships respectively.

Robert Tinsey started the evening off on the pole in the Prototype Class with a fast lap of 2:01.392 and David Williams was on the pole for the GT drivers with a 2:15.978. The 28-car field took the green with all eyes on Billy Smith and Carter Kundinger who were directly competing against each other for the season championship. Daniel Neice quickly took the lead away from Tinsey going around the first lap with Smith moving up to 4th directly behind Kundinger.

Tinsey retook the lead on the following lap and built a gap of around 0.6 with Kundinger and Smith close behind Neice running single file. Williams had a strong lead over Washeleski and Schmidt by over 3 seconds 10 minutes into the race. Neice again cleared into the lead ahead of Tinsey as Lou Carbonneau tried to challenge Smith for 4th, but Carbonneau eventually conceded and fell back in line behind Smith. Smith was guarding 4th place aggressively as a 4th place finish or better would win him the championship over Kundinger in the end.

Carbonneau tried several more time to take away 4th place from Smith. Able to clear for the position, Carbonneau made effective use of lap traffic to block Smith who fell back to 5th. Kundinger was forced to leave the racing line to avoid an incident within the GT field and that allowed Carbonneau to close the gap between them and take 3rd place away. Kundinger struggled to collect himself back up as Smith also got around him while Kundinger continued to fall short of his previous pace.

Kundinger regained his composure and caught back up to Smith 20 minutes into the evening and cleared back in 4th with 10 laps completed. Williams extended his gap ahead of the GT3 field by over 6 seconds demonstrating the dominate pace in the early stages. Smith was able to match pace with Kundinger but seemed content to play it safe and follow Kundinger for the time being letting the time count down. Neice was showing one of the strongest performances seen from him since the beginning of the season with the gap between himself and the rest of the Prototype drivers was over 5 seconds.

As the first round of pit cycles had begun, Kundinger and Smith stayed out putting Smith in the lead ahead of Kundinger. Neice was able to take 2nd when all drivers finished with the first pit stop of the night. Smith was running in the lead after taking a short pit stop to create distance between himself and Kundinger. Tinsey moved up to 3rd place and Kundinger was holding onto 4th with Leif Peterson rounding out the top 5 going into the second half of the 90-minute event.

With 40 minutes remaining, Williams was leading the GT3 Class by almost 12 seconds as he consistently outpaced the rest of the field. Kundinger was aggressively pushing through traffic trying to close the 5 second gap to Tinsey in 3rd place while Smith extended his lead to over 3.5 seconds ahead of Neice. Peterson stayed close to Kundinger and went side by side through several corners battling over 4th. The battle stretched out over a few laps with lap traffic assisting either driver at different times while they swapped positions back and forth.

Peterson won the position when Kundinger choose to take his final pit stop early. Smith went down pit road on the following lap giving the lead to Neice temporarily. Smith came out of pit road ahead of Kundinger while the majority of the Prototype drivers had yet to stop for fuel. Neice stayed out for several laps longer than his competitors stretching the gap as far as he could. Neice rejoined the race over 3 seconds ahead of Smith on track and held onto the lead going into the final 20 minutes.

As the season came to a close, Smith seemed to finish out the night choosing the championship over risking to try for the win and crossed the line in 2nd place behind Neice. Kundinger finished in 4th place behind Tinsey. Billy Smith officially took the season championship in the Prototype Class ahead of Carter Kundinger and Robert Tinsey. Ross Booth won the championship in the GT Pro Class ahead of Paul Gibson and Ryan Washeleski and Ryan Robertson to the championship in the GT AM Class with a landslide over Trent Brown and Franco Margarella.


BRL SLM S17 R9 Recap

21 May 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 17 | Round 9
Super Late Model Series | Martinsville Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Mathew Thunhorst claimed his third win of the season with the Bootleg Racing League Super Late Model Series at Martinsville Speedway ahead of Justin Morton and James Lowe. Thunhorst now has the most wins of any other driver in the series this season. “I hate that he didn’t get second at least out of that”, Thunhorst commented about Kenny Kibbey’s show of sportsmanship during their contact in the final few laps, “He pulled an extremely classy move with letting me try to gather that back up and he kind of paid the price for it.”

James Lowe took the green flag for the field as the drivers thundered past the crowd and into the first turn. The field had a lot of chaos shuffling the running order around as drivers went after position gains early and some unfortunate drivers dropping to the rear of the field such as Donny Moore who started in 3rd. Justin Morton and Mathew Thunhorst got to the inside of Joseph Snyder and knocked him back to 4th as Morton and Thunhorst started to close in on Lowe still in the lead.

20 laps into the night, Morton and Thunhorst had completely close the gap to Lowe. Kenny Kibbey was looking to the inside of Snyder clearing into 4th place. Morton and Thunhorst went side by side battling over 2nd place but Thunhorst had to concede and settled back into 3rd ahead of Kibbey. Morton was caught out and stuck on the outside line as Thunhorst and Kibbey both went underneath him pushing him back to 4th. The top 3 drivers started pull away with Morton leading the rest of the field around 1 second behind the battle for the lead.

Thunhorst got inside of Lowe on lap 38 and quickly cleared for the lead with Kibbey following behind. Lowe settled into 3rd but couldn’t match the pace of Thunhorst and Kibbey and he slowly started to fall back as Morton started reeling him in. Crossing the halfway point in the race, the two leaders had separated themselves from the rest of the field by over 1 second. Morton had pulled away from Snyder in 5th and closed the distance to Lowe to make an attempt for 3rd place.

Michael Goodman was running in 5th place with 40 laps remaining running 2 seconds behind Morton. Kibbey held onto the rear bumper of Thunhorst in the battle over the lead as the leaders started catching the rear of the field. Thunhorst was able to use the lap traffic to build a slight gap between himself and Kibbey, now running 0.4 ahead of Kibbey. Kibbey struggled to close the gap back up while negotiating through more traffic going into the last 20 laps.

With 10 laps remaining, Kibbey completely close the gap to Thunhorst but wasn’t given a good opportunity to take advantage of as Thunhorst was careful to not leave any opening going into the corners. On lap 97, Kibbey took a chance to dive under Thunhorst. Thunhorst closed the door quickly and Kibbey couldn’t checkup quick enough as contact was made. Thunhorst spun to the inside and Kibbey slowed in an amazing show of sportsmanship allowing Thunhorst to reclaim the lead. Morton and Lowe close up in that time and cleared around Kibbey before he got back up to speed and fell back to 4th. Thunhorst took the checkered flag around 1 second ahead of Morton with Goodman rounding out the top 5.

Kenny Kibbey still leads in the point standings with 345 points. Justin Morton sits in 2nd place 12 points behind the lead. Mathew Thunhorst and Austin Boelke are tied for 3rd place both with 309 points. Michael Goodman, a rookie in the series this season, holds onto 5th place with 274 points. The Bootleg Racing League will be back on the track after taking a break for Memorial Day Weekend heading to Langley Speedway on June 4th with all of the action broadcast live at 8:55PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!


BRL DSS S11 R9 Recap

20 May 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 11 | Round 9
Dirt Street Stock Series | The Dirt Track at Charlotte
Photograph by: Billy Northcutt
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Brandyn Proudfoot with Jim Beaver eSports claimed his 4th win of the season with the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock Series at The Dirt Track at Charlotte ahead of William Hargreaves and Billy Northcutt. “At the beginning of the race everyone was pushing going in then it would snap loose”, Proudfoot commented about the challenges he faced tonight, “It was such a difficult, difficult track and there towards the end I just had to run pretty much a lane off the wall and that was the only way I could get around this place.”

William Hargreaves took the pole for the night with a fast lap clocked at 18.514 and led the first heat to the green flag. Billy Northcutt tried several times to get around Hargreaves by using the inside line, but Hargreaves had superior momentum coming out of the corners and led every lap to the finish line. Johnny Ratley took the green for the second heat with Brandyn Proudfoot challenging to his inside. Similar to the first heat, the outside line was dominate and Ratley defended the line against Proudfoot taking the win.

Bobby Hayes took the green flag to start off the C Main consolation race with J R Shepherd to his outside. Shepherd stayed alongside Hayes for several laps as each driver tried to gain an advantage. With 2 laps to go, Shepherd was able to get a strong run pulling ahead of Hayes with Brennan Myers following behind him pushing Hayes back to 3rd before the checkered flag. Stephen Spies led the B Main event to the green. Spies had a strong launch off the start pulling ahead with Jeffrey Hardin and Jason Best battling over 2nd. Best was able to clear for the position and started to reel Spies back in as the drivers crossed the halfway point. Best was able to close the gap to Spies, but not able to make an attempt at the lead before Spies took the checkered flag.

Hargreaves was on the pole starting off the feature event and opted to start from the outside line with Ratley to his inside and Proudfoot lined up directly behind him. Hargreaves had a good jump off the start as Ratley dropped back to 3rd behind Proudfoot. Proudfoot threw an aggressive slider to clear into the lead forcing Hargreaves to check up hard to avoid contact losing all his momentum. Hargreaves, after collecting himself back up, retook the lead with a slider of his own clearing back in front of Proudfoot.

10 laps into the event, Proudfoot again took the lead away this time around the outside of Hargreaves. Hargreaves and Northcutt were running 2nd and 3rd as they pulled away from the rest of the field, but neither driver was able to match Proudfoot’s pace going into the second half of the 40 lap event. Ratley found himself running alone with over a one second gap ahead and several seconds behind him on track. Northcutt closed in on Hargreaves trying to get within reach to battle for 2nd with Proudfoot pulling further away in the lead.

The majority of the field were trading positions aggressively led by Best in 5th place as the laps counted down. With 10 laps remaining, Proudfoot continued to lead but Hargreaves was able to close the gap as they negotiated through lap traffic. Going into the final stretch, Hargreaves was within reach for a slider but couldn’t clear the move as Proudfoot took the checkered flag with Hargreaves, Northcutt, Ratley, and Best rounding out the top 5 drivers of the night.

Brandyn Proudfoot and William Hargreaves are now tied for the lead in the point standings both with 707 points with only two rounds remaining in the season. Billy Northcutt is in 3rd place with 673 points and out of reach of the championship battle. Bobby Hayes and Jason Best round out the top 5 drivers so far this season. After a brief break for Memorial Day Weekend, the Bootleg Racing League with be back on the track at Limaland Motorsports Park on June 3rd with all of the dirt slinging action broadcast live at 7:10PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!


PGRL S2 R1 Recap

17 May 2022
Pretty Good Racing League | Season 2 | Round 1
Premier Series | Kansas Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Mike Rasimas with Graafix LC Motorsports took the first checkered flag of the season in a one lap shootout with the Pretty Good Racing League in the Goodbye Fast Repairs 200 presented by SpeedMafia at Kansas Speedway ahead of Jeff Ward and Shane Parish. “I was just trying to drive to my limits. I didn’t have that much practice this week and I was kind of trying to learn the car as I went.”, Rasimas admitted after the claiming his win, “By halfway through I sort of figured stuff out I figured out how to run low if I need to and exactly how to run that high line.”

Mike Rasimas took the green flag for the field with Tommy Rhyne to his outside. Rasimas had a very strong jump off the start pulling far ahead of the field. James Krahula followed along the inside line overtaking into 2nd place with Danny Gutierrez trying to do the same taking 3rd away from Shane Parish. There was a lot of aggressive position shuffling throughout the field as the drivers scrambled in the early stages of the race. Several drivers were caught out in these moves sliding down to the infield and falling to the rear of the 35-car field as the green flag stayed out.

20 laps into the night Gutierrez was leading the field with Parish, Greg O’Berry, Rhyne, and Rasimas rounding out the top 5. Some familiar names from last season started making their way into the top 10 including Jeff Ward, Thomas George, Brian Yaczik, and Michael Chrobok. Approaching lap 50, Chrobok and Rasimas battled over 2nd place with Gutierrez still holding the lead. Yaczik moved up into 5th behind Parish. Gutierrez was having a strong run staying out of reach of Chrobok pressuring from behind him.

On lap 54, Norm Pelletier got loose coming out of turn four and was sent uncontrollably sliding through the infield and back out on the track in turn one into traffic collecting several drivers in a large incident bringing out the caution flag and potentially ending the night early for several drivers. Rasimas took the lead on the restart with Yaczik trying to clear Gutierrez from the inside but couldn’t complete the pass and went back single file in 3rd place. Chrobok and O’Berry made contact down the back stretch, not causing any race ending damage, but bringing the caution flag out again as the field restacked.

Entering the second half of the race, many drivers were feeling the frustration of fast repairs being taken away from the league after the completion of the last season as they continued to run out laps with damage taking away from overall speed and maneuverability. Rasimas continued to lead ahead of Yaczik with Gutierrez, Parish, and Krahula in the top 5. Ricky Hardin was one of the biggest movers in the race running in 9th, up 24 positions from where he started.

With 30 laps remaining, Gutierrez and Yaczik battled over the lead. Parish moved up into 3rd with Rasimas and Mahan following close behind. Rasimas made a strong charge to the front and reclaimed the lead with Ward running behind him. Yaczik moved back into 3rd and started closing on Ward quickly to challenge for 2nd as Rasimas started pulling away from the field. Rasimas took the checkered flag ahead of Ward, Parish, Yaczik, and Gutierrez in a one lap shootout coming out of a caution with one lap remaining.

Mike Rasimas took the first win of the season with some very strong drivers from last season having unfortunate luck tonight, including Scott Eckrich who was out for technical issues, giving Rasimas a nice lead in the point standings going forward. The first race for the league without the traditional one fast repair caught many drivers out with only 24 drivers still running as the checkered flag was thrown. The Pretty Good Racing League will be back on the track May 31st for more intense racing in the Wake Up for the Finish 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway with all of the action broadcast live at 8:50PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!


BRL SLM S17 R8 Recap

14 May 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 17 | Round 8
Super Late Model Series | Lanier National Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Kenny Kibbey with Nocturnal Gaming took the checkered flag tonight for his second win of the season with Bootleg Racing League Super Late Model Series at Lanier National Speedway ahead of Mathew Thunhorst and Michael Goodman. “I really pushed the limit, but I made sure I never spun my tires. I never really spun my tires the entire race.”, Kibbey explained as to how he was able to pull away from Thunhorst in the final moments, “That was really going to be key to keeping the rear tires underneath me.”

The green flag came out over the track as Michael Goodman jumped out to a strong lead with James Lowe behind him. Austin Boelke had trouble early on sliding into the inside wall coming down the front stretch, but with no caution thrown Boelke was shuffled to the rear of the field. Goodman got loose giving Lowe a chance to get along side of him along the outside, but Goodman was able to correct his car and hold the lead. Kibbey took the opportunity taking 2nd place from Lowe with Justin Morton following through pushing Lowe back to 4th only 12 laps into the night.

Mathew Thunhorst was up to 5th running behind Lowe in the rear of the lead battle as the top 5 drivers pulled away from the rest of the field running single file with Goodman still in the lead. Morton got the inside of Kibbey 30 laps in trying to take away 2nd place, but instead Kibbey took the situation to challenge Goodman for the lead. As Kibbey took the lead, Morton tried to follow on the outside as Thunhorst moved into 4th. Morton was not able to overtake Goodman and Thunhorst closed up the gap forcing Morton to stay on the outside line falling back in the pack.

Going into the second half of the night, Kibbey continued to lead with Thunhorst close behind. Goodman found a gap between Thunhorst and Donny Moore to secure 3rd place. Kibbey and Thunhorst pulled far ahead of the rest of the field with Thunhorst pressuring for the lead. The leaders built a gap of over 2 seconds ahead of Goodman holding 3rd place with Moore, Lowe, Morton, and Boelke following single file behind him. Going into 20 laps remaining, Kibbey had built a gap between himself and Thunhorst of around 0.7.

The gap continued to expand going into the final 10 laps to over 1 second as Kibbey started negotiating through lap traffic. Thunhorst showed signs that his tires were well worn and started dropping off as Kibbey set some of the fastest lap times of the night in the final few laps to take the checkered flag for his first win of the season with Thunhorst, Goodman, Moore, and Morton rounding out the top 5 finishers tonight at Lanier National Speedway.

Kibbey stretched out his lead in the point standings now at 308. Justin Morton stays in 2nd place 14 points behind the lead. Austin Boelke struggled tonight early on but recovered enough by the end to hold onto 3rd place in the standings now 24 points behind Kibbey. Mathew Thunhorst and Michael Goodman round out the top 5 drivers with three rounds remaining. The Bootleg Racing League now heads to Martinsville Speedway on May 21st with all of the action broadcast live at 8:55PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!

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