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October 3, 2021

BRL GN S8 R1 Recap

by Lowell Jewell

by Ryan Senneker
02 Oct 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 8 | Round 1
Grand National Series | Stafford Speedway

Austin Boelke started on the pole because of a technicality, but left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he deserved the position as he led the entire 100 lap event ahead of J R Shepherd. This was Boelke’s first career win in the Bootleg Racing League’s Grand National Series and a strong start for him in the new season.

Mathew Thunhorst was able to capitalize on lap traffic to get by Kenny Kibbey on lap 91 taking 3rd place away and holding it to the finish. Justin Morton couldn’t manage to get around Kibbey and finished in 5th ahead of Tim Shinoski.

Boelke commenting on his progression over the years in the league, “It just shows how tight of a group we are here at BRL. How you can come into the league and not know what you’re doing and then gradually build up as you get more and more speed in the car and confidence in yourself. We’re just a great group of guys here. A bunch of friends just having a good time.”

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