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October 10, 2021

BRL DSS S9 R2 Recap

by Lowell Jewell

by Ryan Senneker
08 Oct 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 9 | Round 2
Dirt Street Stock Series | Weedsport Speedway

After a very tight, action packed race, Brandyn Proudfoot won the second race of the season in the Bootleg Racing League’s Dirt Street Stock Series for the Jim Beaver eSports team ahead of William Hargreaves and Kenny Kibbey giving him a 30 point lead over Billy Northcutt in the point standings.

Johnny Ratley had a strong showing early in the evening with the quickest qualifying time of 17.887 starting on the pole for the 40 lap feature. After leading the first 14 laps, Hargreaves overtook his teammate with the Dirt Panda race team. Hargreaves then held off Proudfoot around the next 18 laps until Proudfoot was able to capitalize on the inside line to secure the lead with only 8 laps to go.

Proudfoot explained his mindset going into a race against such strong competitors, “It’s ultimately those smaller goals like I’m going to run the bottom at Weedsport or I’m going to try not to hit the wall running Eldora. It’s those smaller goals where you’ll make your personal improvements, it’s not about the big ones. It’s the small ones that count and they add up quick.”

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