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December 4, 2021

BRL DSS S9 R9 Recap

by Lowell Jewell

by Ryan Senneker
03 Dec 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 9 | Round 9
Dirt Street Stock Series | Dirt Track at Charlotte

Brandyn Proudfoot brought the Jim Beaver eSports street stock to victory lane after a hard fought battle against William Hargreaves and Billy Northcutt at the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock feature event at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. The night’s race was more chaotic than usual as several cautions kept the battle up front intense through tight restarts and many opportunities to challenge Proudfoot for the lead.

With his sixth win of the season, Proudfoot is still in 2nd place in the point standings behind Billy Northcutt by 18 points after missing last week’s race. Hargreaves holds onto 3rd place and J R Shepherd took 4th place away from Jason Best who dropped back to 5th. At this point in the season with only two events remaining the season championship is shaping up to be an epic two way battle between Northcutt and Proudfoot heading to Limaland Motorsports Park and finally concluding at Volusia Speedway Park. This is the closest points battle the dirt racers of BRL have seen in a long time.

Never able to shake Northcutt and Hargreaves, Proudfoot is always conscious of his competition. “It’s always in your mind when you’re in the lead that you gotta be careful who’s coming behind you. Definitely hearing the engines a little bit made me worry” Looking forward to the final two events, Proudfoot still maintains his usual easy going attitude telling us, “I’m just happy to race here with the guys. Does it make it exciting that I missed a race and the points race is very close, closest that it’s been in a few seasons? Absolutely. But it’s honestly just about coming back and trying to make every race that I can and racing with the guys. That’s all there is to it.”

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