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December 9, 2021

PLMDS – Fall Nationals Finale Recap

by Lowell Jewell

by Ryan Senneker
08 Dec 2021
Pro Late Model Dirt Series | Series Finale
Fall Nationals | Lanier National Speedway

Ryan Underwood with Team VLR has won the Pro Late Model Dirt Series Fall Nationals Grinch 30 Series Finale at Lanier National Speedway and took the Carrier Fall Nationals Championship after an intense battle with Ethan Toedter. With such tight and aggressive racing all throughout the 16 car field, all of the drivers presented an impressive showcase of the talent this league can bring to the track to close out the series with Ryan Underwood coming out on top.

With only a five point split between Underwood and Toedter, the battle between these two championship competitors began in the first heat race. Toedter took that win with Underwood riding his rear fender across the finish line. Getting into the feature Toedter held the lead through the first 18 laps with Underwood trying different lines looking for any opportunity to challenge Toedter. The second caution of the night gave Underwood that chance as he anticipated Toedter’s jump and utilized the top line to stay along side Toedter and, on the 19th lap, took the lead for the remainder of the event.

“I knew [Toedter] was going to be hard to get around with how short the race was. I needed him to make a mistake and I was waiting for that top line to come in [around] one and two and it finally came in just enough to get side by side with him and all I had to do was kind of block him from being able to slide up to the moisture.”, Underwood told us as he was celebrating his win. “He beat me in the heat and he had the better start spot and I knew it was just going to be a race between me and him, whoever could win it or finish ahead of the other person.”

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