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December 12, 2021

BRL GN S8 R10 Recap

by Lowell Jewell

by Ryan Senneker
11 Dec 2021
Bootleg Racing League | Season 8 | Round 10
Grand National Series | The Bullring at Las Vegas

Austin Boelke of Different Path Motorsports took the checkered flag tonight ahead of Mathew Thunhorst and J R Shepherd at the Bootleg Racing League Grand National Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas. At a track that is notoriously easy to make mistakes around, Boelke drove to perfection not presenting Thunhorst and Shepherd with the opportunity they were looking for to take away the inside line. A late race caution re-stacked the field with Shepherd in 2nd and Thunhorst to the inside, behind Boelke, in 3rd and that was exactly what Thunhorst needed to get around Shepherd.

Austin Boelke celebrated his second win of the season, but unfortunately is not in the running for the championship as he is currently in 5th place in the point standings. Shepherd still holds the top spot over Thunhorst by 6 points. In a surprise upset, Thunhorst told us that he will not be competing in the final round and will be spending time with family through the upcoming holidays which makes Shepherd the unofficial season champion. Justin Morton is 3rd in the standings, but trails behind the lead by 22 points. Shepherd shared with us that he is disappointed that they won’t have a chance for a final battle together.

“There was a lot of pressure from behind from Justin [Morton] especially at the start.”, Austin Boelke tells us. “Huge pressure from behind and honestly it just feels really gratifying to hold [Shepherd] off again… two or three weeks ago he passed me at Lanier.” Next week, the Bootleg Racing League heads to New Smyrna Speedway for the final round of the season. “It’s not one of my best tracks. I like the track. It’s fun to drive, but usually whenever I go there I just have the worst luck because I can’t gain any spots, I can’t really lose any spots, and if there’s any luck to be had it’s usually bad luck.”

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