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December 30, 2021

PLMDS – Icebreaker 100 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

29 Dec 2021
Pro Late Model Dirt Series | Icebreaker 100
2nd Annual Event | Cedar Lake Speedway

Ryan Underwood with Underwood Racing took the win at the Pro Late Model Dirt Series 2nd Annual running of the COOLRAY Icebreaker 100 around Cedar Lake Speedway ahead of Dylan Perry and Camden Johnston. Underwood took the lead away from Perry on lap 62 after a long battle between the two drivers and was able to get around the outside when Perry touched the tires along the inside of turn one after an intense battle with Underwood.

The event was plagued with cautions keeping the field stacked close together and testing the patience of the drivers as chaotic restarts kept everyone on their toes. Perry, who finished 2nd, told us, “The track’s wide, but you’re all kind of racing tight like it’s narrow. So if you can get into the corner like you want to it definitely helps especially for those first couple of laps. Then everyone fall into a rhythm, so if you can get those starts like you want them it helps out tremendously.”

Ryan Underwood took home the win after playing it safe for the first half and taking advantage when the opportunity presented itself. “I knew if I could get a good restart and be able to clear [Perry] going down the front straightaway I could approach the corner way better and I knew I’d be able to hit my line. So just them restarts were a big key to winning this race.”

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