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February 3, 2022

C2CRL Hometown Heroes W8 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

02 Feb 2022
Coast 2 Coast Racing League | Week 8
Hometown Heroes Series | Volusia Speedway Park

Blake Chapman took home the win in the A&J Custom Creations 305 Sprints Series with the Coast 2 Coast Racing League Hometown Heroes Series feature race at Volusia Speedway after climbing up 10 positions through the field, earning the Gambler Motorsports’ Hard Charger Award for the night, to beat out Bob Everton and Chris Schaffer. “I just had the bottom working really, really well for me and at the end there I guess I kind of got lucky.”, Chapman commented.

Patrick Spangler ran his way to victory lane tonight in the ABR Setup Shop 360 Sprints Series crossing the line .116 ahead of Randy Shreves and Bob Everton that came down to a drag race out of the final turn. Brian Dickens took home the Gambler Motorsports’ Hard Charger Award from the event after moving up 12 positions finishing in 5th tonight. “I knew I could run the top pretty good here”, Spangler tells us, “[Turns] 3 and 4 I can usually get a good run off so I was just kind of seeing if I could make it stick.”

Brandon Templeton took home the feature win tonight in the COOLRAY Air Conditioning & Heating Pro Late Model Series Season Finale ahead of Nick Vickrey and Kurt Shatzer. Unfortunately, this win wasn’t enough to secure the championship as Vickrey held the lead in the point standings with Templeton finishing 2nd. Aiden Young took home the Gambler Motorsports’ Hard Charger Award after he advanced 11 positions in the field finishing in 4th tonight. Vickrey says the battle for the championship didn’t work out as he wanted with certain drivers being absent through most of the season, “Winning this one is kind of bittersweet. It’s almost like the quarterback from the opposing team was on the injured list because Stephen Spies couldn’t run the majority of the season.”

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