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February 24, 2022

C2CRL Hometown Heroes W11 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

23 Feb 2022
Coast 2 Coast Racing League | Week 11
Hometown Heroes Series | Volusia Speedway Park

Andy Patton took the checkered flag for the A&J Custom Creations 305 Sprints Series in the Coast 2 Coast Racing League Hometown Heroes Series at Volusia Speedway Park beating Randy Shreves and Jeff Flaro to the line. Blake Chapman had the lead for a few laps but caught the inside wall on lap 18 sending him back to 5th giving Patton the opportunity he was looking for. “He’s definitely faster, [Chapman] is probably the fastest in the league right now”, Patton told with us, “Anytime you can even race up there with him, you know, it makes me pretty happy just to be able to do that.” Chapman holds the points lead with a great recovery after hitting the wall and finishing 5th tonight, but Shreves was able to close the gap considerably coming home in 2nd.

Kyle Moonen claimed victory tonight with a GWC finish in the ABR Setup Shop 360 Sprints Series ahead of Brennon Lacy and Blake Chapman. Randy Shreves, the current points leader in the series, went into the night with a 106-point lead. He brought it home in 5th tonight behind Patrick Spangler but has very little to worry about at this point as the unofficial series champion this season with such a commanding lead. With several cautions forcing Moonen to dictate restart after restart, he says he was limited on what he was able to do, “You definitely try to change it up a little bit, you know, every time, but there was kind of tough because the green comes out, you know, pretty quick after the pace car gets off the track so you really don’t have a ton of room to work with.”

Pat Boice was the first survivor to reach the finishing line tonight in the Coast 2 Coast Racing League Hall of Fame Street Stock Enduro 75 lap special event with Nathan Aldrich and Nick Vickrey following behind. “This is my idea. This is a ton of laps, it’s a chance for everybody to get their frustrations out from the season.”, Roger Craig explained to us about this special no cautions, unlimited fast repairs survival event, “You don’t want to be leading until about lap 73 or 74 because you’re definitely a target when you’re out there.” This was a fun chance for the drivers to let off some steam after a long, hard-fought season that is coming to a close next week.

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