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April 2, 2022

BRL DSS S11 R2 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

01 Apr 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 11 | Round 2
Dirt Street Stock Series | Weedsport Speedway
Photograph by: Billy Northcutt

Brandon Proudfoot with Jim Beaver eSports wins his second week in a row in the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock Series at Weedsport Speedway beating Johnny Ratley and William Hargreaves to the finish line. “After about 20 to go… about from that point onwards”, Proudfoot commented about the hard-fought battle against Ratley running side by side through the second half of the feature event, “One restart I got a pretty good start over [Ratley] and I tried the inside but my, because I ran the top the whole night, my right rear wasn’t having any of it.”

Brandyn Proudfoot started the night off strong on the pole with a fast lap at 17.691 in qualifying. Proudfoot beat Johnny Ratley to the line taking the win in the first heat of the night. Jason Best led the field in the second heat with Chris Davis to his outside. The two drivers traded sliders early with Best taking the win in the end. Williams Hargreaves started the third and final heat of the night with Billy Northcutt to his outside. Hargreaves took the win as John Wilson kept the pressure on Northcutt but wasn’t able to make a pass before the checkered flag.

The C Main had Stephen Spies and Wilson on the front row as the green flag came out. Spies had a good launch off the start pulling away as Bobby Hayes and John Wilson battled over 2nd place. Hayes briefly cleared for the position before Wilson dove in deep and took it back holding it to the checkered flag. J R Shepherd led the B Main to the green flag with Wade Burris to his outside. Contact in the first turn collected 3 of the drivers shuffling the pack with Jackie Whaley coming home in 2nd place behind Shepherd.

Proudfoot and Best started the feature on the front row with Proudfoot being the only driver of the night to opt for starting on the outside line putting Best to his inside. Ratley, Hargreaves, and Northcutt wasted no time moving to the front to pressure Proudfoot who continued to be one of only a few drivers to run the high line. Ratley and Hargreaves battled hard over 2nd place with Northcutt waiting behind to take advantage lap after lap as the field entered the second half of the 40 lap event.

The battling behind him allowed Proudfoot to build up a gap over Ratley who cleared for 2nd place. Going into 10 laps to go, Ratley completely closed the gap up to Proudfoot and started making moves trying to take the lead away from the inside. Proudfoot relied on the momentum from the outside line to keep the lead exiting the turns staying just out of reach of a slider from Ratley as they ran side by side with the laps counting down. Hargreaves caught the battle in the final laps and had to checkup to avoid contact with Ratley coming home in 3rd with Proudfoot taking the win over Ratley by 0.183 at the line.

Brandyn Proudfoot takes off to an early lead for the season with 167 points, 9 points ahead of Johnny Ratley in 2nd place in the points standings. Rounding out the top 5 so far this season are William Hargreaves in 3rd place with 152 points, Billy Northcutt in 4th place with 138 points, and Chris Davis in 5th place with 125 points. The drivers now make their way over to Volusia Speedway Park for the third round of the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock Series on April 8th and all of the dirt slinging action will be broadcast live at 7:10PM EDT only on the Virtual Grip Network!

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