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November 13, 2022

BRL NSCT S1 R7 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

11 November 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 1 | Round 7
National Sprint Car Trail | Fairbury Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

James Tiernan continued his winning streak for the fourth week in a row tonight in the Bootleg Racing League National Sprint Car Trail at Fairbury Speedway ahead of Aiden Young and John Heyn. “Sometimes you just have to run [the inside line] in a little bit”, Tiernan commented as the track settled down at the end of the night in regards to his commitment to running the inside line the whole way, “It’s a mix of burning off fuel and then burning in that line a little bit better and kind of worked out in the very last minute… stuck to it and [it] rewarded me thankfully.”

John Heyn secured the pole tonight with a fast 4-lap average time of 12.711 and led the 11-car field to take the green flag with Aiden Young to his inside. Heyn had a great jump off the start with Young battling side by side with James Tiernan for 2nd. Contact between John Wilson and Bruce Jones fighting over 9th sent Jones sliding across the infield grass, but luckily for Jones the caution came out moments later when Justin Morton spun around on the track after coming together with Neville Ulph in 5th allowing Jones to stay on the lead lap with 5 laps completed.

Heyn had another great launch off the green flag and Stephen Spies took advantage to challenge Young for 2nd place with Tiernan in 4th. More bad luck for Jones came on lap 9 when he again connected with Wilson with the two drivers running intersecting line on the track and was sent around on the track brining out another caution. Off the restart, Tiernan dove low running along the inside line staying alongside Spies in 3rd. Spies made contact with the outside wall going into the 2nd half of the run allowing Tiernan to clear into 3rd. Spies dropped back to 4th under pressure from Ulph going forward.

Tiernan started reeling Young in to challenge for 2nd as the leaders were starting to reach the first signs of laps traffic with the caution flag coming back out with 10 laps remaining from Spies and Wilson independently catching the outside wall and sliding across the track. Off the restart, Morton rode his midget up the outside wall and flipped down across the track while Heyn continued to control the field ahead of Young. Tiernan made a hard charge beneath Young for with Young running lower in a defensive line to block. Tiernan reacted by going high and cleared around Young into 2nd place.

Tiernan was closing on Heyn in the lead still running the low line getting a nose ahead of Heyn with 4 laps remaining. Tiernan cleared ahead of Heyn going into the final moments and with 2 laps remaining, the caution came out when Terry Landis connected with the outside wall flipping down the track. The green and white flags came out together with James Tiernan jumping out ahead to take the checkered flag. Aiden Young was able to take away 2nd place in the end with John Heyn, Bruce Jones, and Stephen Spies rounding out the top 5 tonight at Fairbury Speedway.

Aiden Young holds onto the lead in the overall point standings with 454 points. Justin Morton sits in 2nd with 422 points. Bruce Jones holds onto 3rd with 418 points. Rory Collins holds 4th with 359 points and Stephen Spies rounds out the top 5 drivers with 357 points. Aiden Young is the current points leader in the Dirt Midgets points with 138 points ahead of Bruce Jones and Stephen Spies. The drivers of the Bootleg Racing League head over to Kokomo Speedway on November 18th in the 360 NW Sprints with all of the intense action brought to you live at 10:30PM ET exclusively on the Virtual Grip Network!

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