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December 3, 2022

BRL DSS S13 R10 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

02 December 2022
Bootleg Racing League | Season 13 | Round 10
Dirt Street Stock Series | Port Royal Speedway
Sim Racing Software: iRacing

Adam Carlisle with House of Speed took the checkered flag tonight with the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock Series at Port Royal Speedway ahead of Brandyn Proudfoot and William Hargreaves. “With that top groove the way it is and there really being nothing on the bottom, just you really gotta elbow up on the track to get anything done for sure. That was a wild one.”, Carlisle shared with us as the night came to a close, “This track’s like playing a chess game for sure.”

Adam Carlisle came into the evening strong setting the fastest 4-lap average time in qualifying at 22.846 beating Billy Northcutt in 2nd place by over 0.3 seconds. William Hargreaves shared the front row with Carlisle as the green flag came out over the first heat event with Brandyn Proudfoot back in 7th after making contact with the outside wall and not getting a time set during qualifying. Carlisle pulled away from the rest of the field and took the checkered flag over 2.4 seconds ahead of Hargreaves. Billy Northcutt and Chris Davis led the second heat to take the green flag. Davis kept the pressure up on Northcutt as the drivers traded sliders back and forth for the lead with Northcutt taking the win in the end.

The third and final heat had Zachary Loomis and Bobby Hayes on the front row. Loomis had a good jump off the start while Hayes found himself battling with Jason Best over 2nd place. Going into the final lap Hayes had successfully defended 2nd from Best and closed the gap to Loomis but didn’t have enough time left in the run to make anything of it as Loomis took the win. Proudfoot made a hard charge through the field from 4th place in the C Main consolation to take the win away from Dylan Corey and Hunter Hill ran away with the lead ahead of J R Shepherd in the B Main.

Carlisle led the field around to take the green flag in the 40-lap feature event with Northcutt to his inside getting a good jump clearing ahead of Northcutt going into the first corner. Hargreaves tucked in behind Carlisle following him around the highline to challenge for 2nd, but Northcutt was able to secure the position 4 laps into the run as Carlisle pulled away from the field. Proudfoot aggressively pushed his car and caught Carlisle and overtook for the lead with 10 laps completed.

Carlisle maintained a tight gap between himself and Proudfoot while Northcutt and Hargreaves fell back to 4th and 5th as Hill cleared around the battling teammates. Contact between Mike Menees and Braxton Williams further back in the field resulted in a caution restacking the field back together putting Proudfoot to the outside of Carlisle as the green came out and racing resumed going into lap 16. Hargreaves tried to take advantage of the restart and took 2nd away from Carlisle as Northcutt challenged Carlisle for 3rd.

Going into the second half of the night, Proudfoot continued to lead with Hargreaves and Carlisle following close behind. Carlisle started running the outside line to gain momentum and was able to get around Hargreaves moving up into 2nd and started reeling Proudfoot in with the laps counting down. Proudfoot started searching around the track looking for speed as Carlisle and Hargreaves completely closed the gap to the front with 10 laps remaining. Carlisle stayed committed to the outside line while Proudfoot kept changing up his line looking for grip.

Going into the final laps, Carlisle threw a slider to take the lead away from Proudfoot as an unfortunate situation for multiple drivers further back in the field brought out a late race caution with 2 laps to go. The drivers stacked back together single file with Carlisle taking the green flag with Proudfoot behind him. Adam Carlisle continued to run the outside wall pulling away from Brandyn Proudfoot to take the checkered flag with William Hargreaves, Hunter Hill, and Jason Best rounding out the top 5 tonight at Port Royal Speedway.

William Hargreaves has a strong lead in the point standings with 712 points, 35 points ahead of Adam Carlisle in 2nd going into the final round next week. Billy Northcutt sits in 3rd with 652 points. J R Shepherd holds on to 4th place with 565 points and Brandyn Proudfoot rounds out the top 5 drivers with 436 points. The drivers with the Bootleg Racing League will be back next weekend for the season finale at Knoxville Raceway on December 9th with all of the dirt slinging action broadcast live at 7:10PM ET exclusively on the Virtual Grip Network!

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