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January 7, 2023

BRL DSS S14 R1 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

06 January 2023
Bootleg Racing League | Season 14 | Round 1
Dirt Street Stock Series | Lernerville Speedway

William Hargreaves with Dirt Panda Racing took the checkered flag in a drag race to the line against his teammate, Billy Northcutt, tonight in the Bootleg Racing League Dirt Street Stock Series at Lernerville Speedway with Aiden Young rounding out the podium finishers. “That was a heck of a race for sure”, Hargreaves commented regarding the photo finish at the line, “I didn’t think I got it. I wasn’t really sure but that’s how [the racing officials] scored it and out of all the time I’ve been doing this I guarantee that’s the closest finish I’ve ever been involved with.”

John Wilson with Team CDR held the top of the timing and scoring boards in qualifying with a quick 4-lap average time of 18.204 out pacing both Hargreaves and Northcutt as the drivers lined up for the first heat event of the night with Wilson leading them out to take the green flag. Wilson held off Dylan Corey to secure the pole for the feature event later in the night. Billy Northcutt, William Hargreaves, and Aiden Young won their respective heats followed up by Jason Best and David Traylor won their consolation races.

Wilson took the green flag to kick off the 30-lap feature event and jumped out to a strong initial lead ahead of Northcutt. Northcutt threw a slider on Wilson going into the 3rd lap but was immediately overtaken but Wilson from a quick crossover while Aiden Young and Zachary Loomis battled over 3rd with Hargreaves looking to get between them. Hargreaves was able to climb up into 3rd soon afterward and started closing on the battle for the lead. Northcutt threw another slider on Wilson as Hargreaves closed the gap preventing Wilson from pulling another crossover and settling into 2nd with 10 laps completed.

A miscalculation between John Heyn and Neville Ulph further back in the field caused a pile up collecting several other drivers and bringing out the caution with Northcutt in the lead. Northcutt opted to take the restart from the outside lane with Wilson and Hargreaves both to his inside. Northcutt had a good jump as Young maneuvered around Hargreaves into 3rd with Wilson stranded on the bottom struggling to find a gap to slide up into. Young cleared into 2nd close behind Northcutt as Wilson slotted in behind Hargreaves for 4th.

Hargreaves start pressuring Young going into the 2nd half of the night with Wilson waiting to see how the battle ahead played out to take advantage. Hargreaves was able to get a nose to the inside of Young and got alongside Young several time but unable to finish the move while Young stayed glued to the rear bumper of Northcutt. Hargreaves took advantage to get to the outside of Young and quickly clear into 2nd before going after Northcutt going into the final 5 laps.

Hargreaves threw a slider on Northcutt as a late race caution came out giving the lead back to Northcutt for a single file restart with 4 laps remaining. Northcutt had a good jump off the green flag, but Hargreaves stayed with him instantly trading sliders back and forth with Young looking to get into the fight. Coming around the final lap, Hargreaves was alongside Northcutt coming out of turn four for a photo finish at the line so close that the winner was in question for a long moment while the racing stewards reviewed the finish before announcing William Hargreaves as the official winner tonight at Lernerville Speedway ahead of Billy Northcutt by 0.001 with Aiden Young, David Traynor, and Jason Best rounding out the top 5.

William Hargreaves started the new season off with 82 points, 2 points ahead of Dirt Panda teammate, Billy Northcutt. Aiden Young, David Traylor, and Jason Best round of the top 5 in the points after the first round. The Bootleg Racing League next head to Lucas Oil Speedway on January 13th with all of the dirt slinging action brought to you live at 7:10PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!

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