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February 18, 2023

BRL DSLM S1 R7 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

17 February 2023
Bootleg Racing League | Season 1 | Round 7
Dirt Super Late Model Series | Fairbury Speedway

Thomas Vickers continues his winning streak taking the checkered flag tonight in the Bootleg Racing League Super Late Model Series at Fairbury Speedway ahead of William Hargreaves and Jason Dill. “I like this track a lot”, Vickers commented at the end of his run, “Just have to be real easy on the throttle and just worry about how you enter and everything just making sure you hit your marks and it’s pretty smooth sailing here if you hit it right.”

Thomas Vickers set the fastest laps down in qualifying sitting at the top of the timing and scoring boards with a 11.966 and secured the pole for the heat of the night to kick off the night’s excitement. Vickers opted to start from the inside lane placing William Hargreaves to his outside to take the green flag. Vickers cleared out front quickly off the jump as the field went single file along the top of the track struggling to utilize the low line in the early stages. Vickers took the checkered flag unchallenged with Jason Dill taking 2nd place away from Hargreaves on the final lap. Hargreaves went on to win the consolation race leading into the 30-lap feature.

Vickers again choose to start on the bottom of the track to take the green flag. Off the jump, Vickers cleared ahead of Dill with Hargreaves battling for 2nd but again unable to make the inside line work slotting into 3rd as the field went single file along the outside lane similar to the earlier events. Hargreaves seemed to have more speed than Dill and repeatedly threw sliders but couldn’t clear into 2nd place in the opening laps. The battling between Dill and Hargreaves allowed Vickers to pull away with the lead with the first 5 laps completed.

Hargreaves was showing his frustration as there was contact from another failed slider, but Hargreaves was able to take away 2nd place going into the 2nd half of the run. Dill attempted a crossover but ran into the same issues with the inside lane that Hargreaves had earlier and slotted back into 3rd as Hargreaves pulled away slightly. Vickers had extended his lead out to over 3.5 seconds going into the final 10 laps reaching lap traffic. With the top line being so dominate, the entire field continued to run single file waiting for other to make mistake with the laps quickly counting down.

The lap traffic drivers were giving Vickers the high side not slowing the leaders progress in any way as Thomas Vickers came out of the final corner to take the checkered flag over 6 seconds ahead of William Hargreaves in 2nd place. Jason Dill, John Wilson, and Michael Smith round out the top 5 tonight at Fairbury Speedway.

William Hargreaves has run away with the points lead now at 522 points, a shocking 67 points ahead of Jason Dill in 2nd place. Thomas Vickers, Aiden Young, and Stephen Spies round out the top 5 drivers going into the next round. The Bootleg Racing League next heads to Volusia Speedway Park on February 24th with all of the dirt slinging action brought to you live at 8:40PM ET only on the Virtual Grip Network!

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