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April 17, 2023

BRL LM S22 R3 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

15 April 2023
Bootleg Racing League | Season 22 | Round 3
Late Model Series | USA Speedway
Photograph by: Michael Goodman

On a warm evening at USA Speedway, the Bootleg Racing League Late Model Series was in full swing with a packed crowd cheering on the racers. The race was already promising to be exciting as drivers Mike Allen and Todd Liston started on the front row. As the green flag waved, Liston surged ahead, clearing Allen to take the lead on the backstretch. Behind them, Mike Holloway and Michael Goodman started making moves, with Goodman pushing his way up to fourth place.

For the next few laps, the drivers settled into a rhythm, staying mostly single file as they conserved their equipment. Liston and Holloway managed to break away from the pack, building up a lead of over a second on third-place driver Jeffrey Hardin. But the drivers knew that they had to keep pushing if they wanted to maintain their positions.

As the second half of the race began, Liston continued to dominate, with Holloway still patiently waiting for an opportunity to make a move. Hardin was starting to close in on the leaders, while the other drivers began to get more aggressive, jostling for position.

Then, on lap 46, Holloway made his move, diving under Liston to take the lead. Hardin saw his chance and tried to overtake Liston for second, but Liston tried to block him, resulting in a spin that collected Goodman and Matt Hoose behind them, causing the first caution of the night. Although Young also sustained significant damage, he managed to continue running, and when the race resumed, he was in third place behind Hardin.

As the front runners began to pull away, drivers further back in the field began to make more daring moves, resulting in another caution. But when the green flag flew again, Hardin managed to hold onto his position, even when Young tried to overtake him. With only ten laps to go, the top three drivers built up a significant lead over fourth-place driver Donny Moore.

Holloway continued to bide his time, waiting for his chance to make a move on the leaders. With only two laps to go, he tried to pass Hardin but misjudged his braking point and made contact, causing Hardin to lose control momentarily. Goodman saw his chance and quickly surged ahead, taking the white flag. Hardin managed to hold off Young for second place, while Holloway and Joseph Snyder battled it out for third.

In the end, Goodman took the checkered flag, with Young securing the points lead over Jason Menda. The crowd erupted into cheers as the drivers celebrated their hard-fought victories. The Bootleg Racing League Late Model Series would be back in action in a week, taking on the challenging Martinsville Speedway. Fans eagerly awaited the next thrilling installment of this exciting series.

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