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May 8, 2023

BRL LM S22 R6 Recap

by Ryan Senneker

06 May 2023
Bootleg Racing League | Season 22 | Round 6
Late Model Series | Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway
Photograph By: Michael Goodman

It was an intense night of racing in the Bootleg Racing League Late Model Series presented by Gargamel’s Kitchen at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. Ruben Altice led the field from the pole position with Lowell Jewell and Kurt Smith hot on his tail. Aiden Young started back in 15th, but he quickly made his way through the pack and found himself in the top 10 within the first 10 laps. However, a caution on lap 18 for a collision between Jason Menda and Jeffrey Kemper slowed the pace.

Altice continued to hold the lead after the restart, but another caution on lap 26 involving Kurt Smith and Donny Moore shook things up. On the restart, Menda made a bold move and passed Kevin Nunn and Mike Holloway to take third place. Meanwhile, Young was trying to make up for lost ground, but he lost control of his car and spun out, causing another caution.

Menda then overtook Jewell for second place and chased down Altice for the lead. He succeeded in passing Altice on lap 41, with Holloway following him into second. However, Menda’s lead was short-lived when he was caught up in a multi-car accident on lap 50. Jewell took advantage of the situation and moved into the lead, with Hoose hot on his heels.

Despite Hoose’s best efforts, Jewell maintained his lead until a caution on lap 80 for Davis spinning out. Jewell continued to lead after the restart, but Young made an aggressive move and passed Hoose for second place. Jewell held onto the lead until Young executed a daring move on the final green flag lap, overtaking Jewell and crossing the finish line under caution.

In the end, Young took the checkered flag ahead of Jewell, securing an exciting victory in a race filled with intense moments and multiple cautions. Jeffery Hardin remains in the lead of the point standings, followed closely by Joe Segalla and Donny Moore. The drivers of the Bootleg Racing League will next head to Irwindale Speedway on May 13th for another thrilling night of racing, exclusively broadcasted on the Virtual Grip Network at 8:55PM ET.

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