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November 12, 2021

GUNR4sR Xfinity Recap

by Lowell Jewell

by Ryan Senneker
10 Nov 2021
GUNR4sR | Championship Race
Xfinity Series | Phoenix Raceway

Nick Snyder of Nick Snyder Motorsports took home the checkered flag after a chaotic race around Phoenix Raceway with the GUNR4sR (Guys Using NASCAR Rules for Sim Racing) Racing League. Starting out in 6th, Snyder was caught up in several early incidents that sent him to the back of the field. The pack seemed to settle in for the second half of the race and that’s when Snyder was able to work his way back into the lead and hold it ahead of Sebastian Marin and Brad Lane through a GWC finish. With Snyder’s win in the Cup Series the night prior, league rules made him ineligible for the Xfinity championship which means Lane, who finished the race in 3rd place, is your 2021 GUNR4sR Xfinity Series Champion!

The playoff drivers were being cautious for the first half, trying to avoid issues while racing in a partially unfamiliar field. Unfortunately, Snyder was caught out early and had to restart from 16th after a hard hit into the outside wall. “Didn’t start the night off pretty well. Got caught up in a wreck a couple times and just at the beginning I was just way too tight. And once the sun went down my car just came to life and I had to come through the field twice.” Snyder’s run to the front was a showcase of his talent as a driver who overcame adversity to take the checkered flag.

The first half of the event had frequent incidents and restarts that kept the playoff drivers on the defensive as Lane described the night as a “survival race”. By lap 60, most drivers had found their groove and settled in for a long green flag run. Lane held a position toward the front as the race went on and was able to get a podium finish by taking advantage where he could. “I went into this thinking I could win the race, but I just wanted to race it clean and at least get a second of third place finish.”

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