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November 18, 2021

PLMDS – Fall Nationals R6 Recap

by Lowell Jewell

by Ryan Senneker
17 Nov 2021
Pro Late Model Dirt Series | Round 6
Fall Nationals | Volusia Speedway

Ethan Toedter with Newton Cattle Farms Racing took home the checkered flag at the Pro Late Model Dirt Series Fall Nationals 30 lap event at Volusia Speedway, The Gobbler 30, ahead of Ryan Underwood and Justin Thompson. With a hard fought battle all the way to the end between Toedter, Underwood, and Cardwell, this was any drivers’ race to the very end. “I knew we were all going to be even, we all race together all of the time. So, I mean, we’re all going to race each other with respect.”, Toedter told us about the intense battle for the lead.

A late caution might have been frustrating for Toedter, but was exactly what Underwood and Cardwell needed as they had made contact and lost the momentum to stay with Toedter. This allowed them to close back up and try to battle for the lead again over a GWC finish, but Toedter held them off to the finish line and with that win took 1st place in the current points standings, Underwood sliding back into 2nd place. With tonight’s event awarding double points, the championship is still very much contested between Toedter and Underwood going into the final round.

Knowing he’d have to try something different to get an advantage over Underwood and Cardwell, Toedter explained, “Once I got behind both of them they started doing battle and, at that time, I knew I was going to be quicker because they were sitting there throwing sliders back and forth and whatever. So I honestly just started trying to figure out a line. So that’s when I just started rolling that slick both corners and it was really good.”

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